Aviation Medicals

Aviation medical examinations are offered for the following classes of aviation medical:

  • CASA Class 1
  • CASA Class 2
  • CASA BASIC Class 2*
  • CASA Class 3
  • CASA Medical Clearance

*Please be aware that the BASIC Class 2 examination can be performed by your GP.


  • CASA Class 1 or 3 Initial Issue  $220* 
  • CASA Class 1 or 3 Renewal   $264
  • CASA Class 2 Initial Issue or Renewal   $220
  • CASA BASIC Class 2   $220
  • CASA Medical Clearance   $99
  • ECG   $66
  • Hearing Test   $66 
  • Blood Test   $65   (fasting lipids + glucose)
  • Manual completion of your MRS questionnaire   $55

*Please note that initial Class 1 and 3 medicals all require an ECG, hearing test, and blood test, which are billed in addition the cost of the medical.

Prices listed are GST inclusive. Payment is at the time of examination. All major credit / debit cards and mobile device payment systems are accepted.

Tests Required by CASA

The initial issue of Class 1 and Class 3 medicals requires the following tests:

  • ECG: an electrical trace of your heart rhythm
  • Blood tests: fasting bloods for cholesterol and glucose levels
  • Hearing test
  • Eye test: ophthalmology examination (vision and eye test)

The renewal of Class 1 and Class 3 medicals requires the above tests to be conducted at various intervals depending on your age:

  • ECG’s at ages 25, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40, and then annually 
  • Blood tests at age 25, then every five years until age 60, and then annually
  • Hearing test at age 25, and then every five years
  • Ophthalmology re-examination at age 60, and then every two years

A Class 2 medical does not require any initial or routine testing.

I perform ECG’s and hearing tests on site. If your medical requires blood tests, I will provide you with a request form to have them undertaken at your local pathology centre.

If you require additional testing that involves seeing another medical specialist (eg: exercise stress test) I am able to provide you with a referral letter. These tests will incur a cost to you, payable to the specialist at the time of the test.


CASA AvMed maintain a guideline of medications relevant to flying on their website. If you are unsure about a medication you have been prescribed this page is a good place to start:

CASA AvMed Medications

Remember, if you are starting a new medication that you will take for more than seven days (Class 1 holders) or 30 days (Class 2 & 3 holders), or changing a dose up or down, you must report this to your DAME or CASA within five days.

Your DAME Relationship

One of the foundations of a good working relationship between you and your DAME is an understanding of each of your roles. The Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine has recently developed a series of brochures on this topic to help foster this positive working relationship. I strongly encourage you to take a read of the brochure relevant to you:

DAME + Commercial Pilot Relationship

DAME + General Aviation Pilot Relationship

DAME + ATC Relationship