Dr Jeremy Robertson


I am passionate about aviation, and understand your desire to maintain your pilot licence. More than just being a representative of CASA, I feel strongly that one of the roles of a DAME is that of interpreter between the fields of medicine and aviation. Better understanding on both sides fosters a positive working relationship with the mutual goal of keeping you flying safely.

Prior to training as a doctor, I had a twelve year career as a commercial pilot, where I worked as a flying instructor, charter pilot and international airline pilot. During this period I lost my class 1 medical on two separate occasions (hence the career change!).

I remain actively involved in aviation, taking friends on scenic flights at every opportunity, and flying myself out to several country towns in NSW once a month to perform aviation medicals.

Here are a few photos of my recent flying adventures:

…and here is a podcast interview I recorded with Australian Aviation, which gives a good bit of background on my aviation career and my transition to medicine:

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